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About Us

WHO WE ARE: A Marianas inspired apparel brand established in Northern Mariana Islands, TINIAN.

OUR MISSION: To carry on the native languages and cultures of the Mariana Islands through lifestyle apparels.

OUR CORE: We hope to inspire our youth and next generation to continually learn about their cultural heritage, customs, and roots.

OVERVIEW: We just want to express the unique side of the Mariana Islands through its people as well as to everyone and anyone around the world.


OUR LOGO: Drawing inspiration from the megalithic lattes of the Mariana Islands, our logo integrates the native letter "Ú" with the upper part of the latte known as the tåsa (a hemispherical stone).

We chose the tåsa as a logo because we see it as a symbol of success; a capstone set at its highest point that reminds us of the perseverance and strength of the Marianas peoples, making it one of the greatest achievements our ancestors have accomplished.

With that, we hope our logo brings pride to the people of the Marianas and motivates them to continually strive for the best, set their capstone, and rise like the lattes no matter what obstacle lies ahead.


SIX.SEVEN.ZONE | 67Ø: The concept of the code 67Ø is an integration of the area codes 670 and 671, combining and representing the Northern Mariana Islands and Guam as one area, one code.

Because these fifteen chain of islands are historically known as the Mariana Islands, we combined the ending area codes, 0 and 1, leading us to this symbol “Ø” - a zero with a slash.

How to say this symbol?? We converted the numbers 0 and 1 to words and added them "zero + one," and came up with "z-one," which then led us to finalizing the symbol with the word “ZONE.”

This area code was created to represent the Mariana Islands, and to take pride not only in the 670 or 671 area code, but in the "SIX.SEVEN.ZONE 67Ø" area code.

Si Yu'us Ma'åse', Olomawaay, and Thank You for visiting our website!